Today, ………… well as order and temporal succession accepted by me and commonly recognized and shared by my peers, I ……….. (name) of the family ……..(last name)
1. Every human being is original and exclusive owner of his physical body consisting of flesh, bones and blood.
2. Every human being is original and exclusive owner of his intellectual sphere, with his own free faculty to understand, to conceive thoughts, to elaborate ideas and to formulate opinions.
3. Every human being is original and exclusive owner of his own spiritual sphere, root and manifestation of his free consciousness and personality.
4. Every human being is therefore a Person because he is what he is, an expression of his personality deriving from his own original individuality and as such, the holder of his own identity.
5. The existence of every human being as a Person constitutes an essential universally effective natural right and as such can only be free.
6. The impossibility to interfere with or hindering even partly the right of one person's existence over another determines, in any reasonable, equitable and contextual condition, equality in the enjoyment of equal rights between human beings.
7. Any human community freely united by a lasting feeling of belonging and having a common reference to its own culture, language and its own historical tradition, developed on a geographically determined territory, constitutes a People.
8. Nationality is the expression of the identity of a People that unites freely each one of its members for the sense of belonging to this specific community by language, culture, tradition, religion, history.
9. Nationality is compliant and is expressed by the concept of Nation intended to identify, qualify and value the plurality of the community of Peoples universally understood as humanity.
10. Paying attention to the principle for which the existence of every person is an essential universally effective natural right and  as such it can not but freely emerge, each People determine basis, organization and levels of social autonomy  harmonizing, through mutual consent, the interaction between its members for the pursuit of development and common progress according to their own folkways and traditions; for this purpose every People legislate and commonly establishes its own order with statutes, codes, norms and regulations that as such they have value
and legal force on all members of the society who have freely decided to join.
11. Any authority is entrusted to appointees who exercise it according to the order freely determined with the mutual consent of the society to which they belong; every authority derives and is attributed by the mutual social consent, and all the people who through the vote and / or the consent attribute such representation have equal power to remove it.
12. Any authority thus constituted has no power to suppress or limit the power of the person to designate or revoke it through voting and / or social consent.
13. The attribution and revocation of authority to elected representatives through voting and / or social consent determines the right and power of each person to represent themselves.
14. Considering that the existence of every person is an essential universally effective natural right and which as such can not but freely emerge, every human being is free to choose not to be part of a society for which he / she does not have feelings of belonging, not identifying with it its own ethnic roots and a common cultural reference, language, traditions and history; as  Free Human Being on Earth, can not be bound by the statutes, codes, norms and regulations of such a society except within the limits determined by a reasonable, fair and contextual condition of equal enjoyment of human rights.
15. That the millennial events of history unequivocally attribute the status of People and Nation to the peoples who occupy the territory of the Venetie, who share the same language with more or less marked local variations even from the Venetians who have emigrated to the world, who share the same story, the same traditions and the same culture, and that the Venetians constituted until 1797 the Serenissima Republic, with a thousand-year history, occupied militarily and annexed to the Italic kingdom by a conspiracy of international Freemasons.
16. That the Italian state on the Territory of the Republic of Venice remains today a foreign occupying state, with no evidence of the legitimacy of the exercise of its sovereignty over the territory of the Venetian Nation the years of illegal and illegitimate racist and colonialist occupation.
17. That all acts and / or measures of any kind carried out by any italian foreign authority of occupation have no legal effect as being  placed in absolute defect of jurisdiction in the occupied territories of the Venetian Republic and also in absolute defect  of competence, or under the regime ofabsolute incompetence for matter and  territory and that for the effect any and every act and / or measure, however called, in every phase and / or degree of the procedure, carried out by any authority and / or institution and / or private company and / orpublic italianforeign  is to all effects INEXISTENT, or tamquam non esset.
18. That in 2009, by the initiative of a group of patriots eager to see their nation return free and sovereign among the Nations was constituted the National Liberation Movement of the Venetian People and the Provisional Veneto Government pursuant to and for the effects of Article 96 paragraph 3 of the First Geneva Protocol of 1977.
19. That the italian state has sanctioned the illicit and the  illegality of its stay on the Territories of the Republic of Venice with the legislative decree 13.12.2010, n. 212, in force since December 16, 2010, with which the Royal Decree of 04.11.1866, n. 3300 was abrogated to all intents and purposes "with which the provinces of Venice and Mantua are an integral part of the kingdom of italy".
20. That the italian state  also expression of the italian republic, company / registered corporation (S.E.C) (American Securities Exchange Act 1934), whose order, statutes, codes, norms and regulations defined as regulation legislated by a company are in fact a regulation of the company / corporation of the italian republic, which are only applicable  to those who are agents of such companies and / or  belonging to the same;
I ……(name) of the family (last name)…… having the faculty to represent myself I am and I exist as a living human being unique and exclusive holder of my physical body, of my intellectual and spiritual sphere.
because I identify myself in the community of Venetian peoples who have the right to be free and sovereign over their own lands of origin according to the specificity of their culture, their history, traditions and their ethnic origins;as such, I affirm to belong to that Nation.
Considering that I am what I am and that the freedom to decide to be what I have decided to be constitutes for every person an essential natural right universally effective, having the faculty and power to represent myself
not to be a citizen of the italian state and that the italian citizenship tax does not belong to me and does not identify me.
that every authority, government and courts also existing in the italian foreign state are only "de facto" and not "de jure", I reject and deny the consent to be represented and governed in any way by the occupying Italian foreign state, racist and colonialist and by any authority and / or agency and / or concessionary deriving from it.
I deny the right to the italian state and to any authority and / or agency and / or concessionary deriving from it to use my name and / or any my personal attribution, as well as to use any of my assets, my personal faculty of understanding and will , and / or to prevent and / or even partially limit its use for any reason, claiming in law the return of what until now illegally and illicitly subtracted from my personal sovereignty in economic terms.
I also reiterate that every monition, summons, writ of subpoenaissued by the italian foreign state in any way and for any reason does not generate obligations, nor disgraces if ignored.
As every Citizen of the Venetian People, I have the right and power to delegate the provisional administration of the Veneto State to the Provisional Veneto Government, established by the MLNV pursuant to and for the  effect of art.96.3 of the First Geneva Protocol of 1977, recognizing it as the only authority legally established on the occupied territories of the Serenissima Venetian Republic.
By virtue of my personal, non-transferable, inalienable and imprescriptible faculty of personal self-determination, having revoked and denied consent to the italian state and to any authority and / or entity and / or concessionary  from representing me in any way, I am free by every order, statute, code, norm and / or regulation issued by it and therefore I am free not to obey to any court, tribunal or delegated authority  previously revoked by me.
In faith
……….(name) (last name) …….